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Out on a Limb- Ben Kilham speaks on Bears

Mon. April 28, 7pm
Ben Kilham will be here to talk about his ground-breaking work observing bears in the wild, as well as raising orphaned cubs. Kilham, who is severely dyslexic, has had to circumvent convention and create his own methods for understanding the world around him–which is why his wildlife work isn’t just about bears. Kilham’s findings and the roadblocks he’s encountered and overcome along the way say something about his own species as well. This is going to be one of our most exciting programs this year- don't miss it! Read about his book Out on a Limb: What black bears taught me about intelligence and intuition, here.

A Walk Through History

Fitzwilliam CommonWed. April 23, 6pm Join Bob Corrette (local historian extraordinaire) and Carol Beckwith for an exploration of the historic houses of Upper Troy Road, formerly Powder House Hill. The tour with start with an introduction at the Library, and will continue up the hill, covering structures of the past as well as the present- see where Fitzwilliam had its own still, carriage shops, the No. 5 school, Kimball's blacksmith shops and much more.

Mission Statement

The Fitzwilliam Town Library supports the needs and interests of our community by offering information, experiences and ideas in creative ways.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees on March 3, 2014

Weather advisory- If the schools are closed, it is the Library's policy to close as well.

Poetry Night

Mon. Apr. 21 at 7pm

Join us for a special celebration of National Poetry Month. We will explore some spring poems by NH poets with Jim Kates. Always a fun event! Texts will be available in the Library after April 1.

Garden Talks Series Continues at the Library

Sat. Apr. 19 at 9am
Waking up the Garden with Ann McEntee
This talk will be a “hands-on” demonstration talk staged on the library’s grounds (weather permitting). Ann will address basic concerns about early spring gardening—tool sharpening, pulling back mulch to determine what has begun to appear, planning for changes in your garden design, soil testing. She will also discussion and demonstrate the division of perennials.
More information here

Tuesday Afternnoons for Kids!

Pysanky (Ukrainian Easter Eggs) for kids grades 3-6
Tues. Apr. 8, 3:30pm

Craft: Making Ukrainian Easter Eggs For Kids in Grades 3-6 Tues, Apr. 15, 3:30pm

Fitzwilliam Film (and Food) Fest

Friday, May 16 at 7:00, Mao's Last Dancer (2012)

This is the true story of how, by the thinnest thread of a chance, one moment in time changed the course of a small boy's life in ways that are beyond imagination. One day he would dance with some of the greatest ballet companies of the world. One day he would be a friend to a President and First Lady, movie stars and the most influential people in America. One day he would become a star: Mao's last dancer, and the darling of the West. Refreshments!

Book Party: "Constellation of Vital Phenomena" by Anthony Marra

For Adults (Book Party on Mon., May. 12, 7pm)
Books available at the Library. “ In this extraordinary first novel, Marra homes in on a people and a region that barely register with most Americans and, in heartrending prose, makes us feel their every misfortune. In rural Chechnya, during the second war, a small group of people struggle to survive in the bleakest of circumstances. A gifted surgeon works tirelessly in a crumbling hospital, hardening her heart so that she can perform her gruesome work. An eight-year-old girl who has already seen too much is being hunted by the government ever since the night her father was abducted by Russian soldiers. An incompetent doctor who longed to be an artist paints portraits of 41 neighbors who were killed by government forces and hangs them in the doorways and trees of his ruined village. And a lonely man, once brutally tortured, turns government informant to obtain the insulin needed by his diabetic father, who, in turn, refuses to speak to him. All of the characters are closely tied together in ways that Marra takes his time revealing, even as he beautifully renders the way we long to connect and the lengths we will go to endure". --Joanne Wilkinson . Read more about this book here .

Wonderful Skywatch program on Monday. Saturn was particularly bright!

See some pictures on our Flikr feed!

Our new Library telescope is ready to go out for one week checkouts.
See the policy for more details.

Visit this website to check out what stars we can see this week:

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