Telescope Policy

Fitzwilliam Public Library
11 Templeton Turnpike
Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire 03447
Orion StarBlast Telescope
Lending agreement must be signed prior to checkout.
1. Telescope
2. Belt Pouch attached to scope includes:
• Headlamp
• Lens brush
• National Audubon Society Pocket Guide: Constellations (book)
• Instruction Booklet
Read instruction booklet carefully and practice with the telescope
inside before you take it out in the dark.
Return Telescope to a staff librarian at the Circulation Desk
Checkout is limited to one (1) week with no renewals.
Fines for not returning the Telescope on time will be $1.00 for each day that it is overdue.
By checking out the Orion StarBlast telescope, you are assuming responsibility for any damage, loss, or theft while it is checked out to you. You will be responsible for the entire replacement cost of the telescope accessories and manuals for total cost of $325.00
The telescope will only be checked out to Fitzwilliam Pubic Library cardholders over the age of 18 with an account in good standing. Children under 18, who have a valid Fitzwilliam Public Library card because they live or attend school in Fitzwilliam, must have a parent or guardian with them who is 18 years or older who will sign the Agreement Form and assume responsibility.
The telescope will be checked out to you for one (1) week, with no renewals. A late fee will accrue at $1.00 per day.
Return the telescope to a staff member at the circulation desk. Do not leave the telescope unattended while it is checked out to you. Use the telescope only as directed in the included manuals.
Never look at the sun through the telescope.
Orion Starblast Telescope Patron Agreement Form
My signature below indicates that I have read and agree
to the terms of this borrowing agreement.
Patron Printed Name:
Phone #:
Patron Signature: Date:
FPL Staff Member (check out) Date of Check out: Due Date:
FPL Staff Member (return) Date of Return:
Telescope Check Out/ Check In Procedure
Check OUT:
1. Using the checklist, make sure all equipment is with the Telescope.
2. Explain the borrowing agreement to the patron and make sure that it is signed.
3. Staff member should also sign, date, and record due date.
4. Place agreement form in file.
5. Check Telescope out on the system using the barcoded card in the notebook.
6. Tell the patron when and where the Telescope should be returned and put the barcoded card in the ILL Box on Circulation Desk.
Check IN:
1. Check Telescope for any visible damage.
2. Use Checklist to check for any missing parts.
3. Pull the Agreement sheet and sign in staff return line and record return date.
4. Check in with barcoded card.
5. Check to see if any holds have been placed and call next patron.
6. Return Telescope to display.
• Telescope
• Belt Pouch attached to scope includes:
• Headlamp
• Lens brush
• National Audubon Society Pocket Guide : Constellations (book)
• Instruction Booklet
February 2018 – reviewed and approved