Art Show Policy

Art Show Policy

The expansion of the Fitzwilliam Town Library in 2004 allowed us to use the upstairs meeting hall as gallery space for exhibiting the work of local artists. Past shows have included paintings, photographs, fiber arts, collectibles, and sculpture. Shows are held in the summer months and usually run for 4 to 6 weeks. Both amateur and professional artists are welcome to apply for a show. The submission process consists of a letter of application, along with jpeg images or photographs of your work, submitted to the Board of Trustees, 11 Templeton Turnpike, Fitzwilliam, NH 03447.

Art Show Guidelines and Release Form
1) Work will be exhibited for up to six weeks. This exhibit will be mounted on
________________________and taken down after__________________.
2) The size of the hanging panels is 4’ by 6’. Work must be presentation-ready. Artists will hang and take down their own shows during regular library hours. 3) If used, labels should be no larger than a small business card. A short biography is always interesting to the viewers. Artists may bring a small guestbook for the visitors to sign.
4) While the Library does not promote sales, we certainly permit them. All inquiries regarding sale of artwork will be directed back to the artist. The Library suggests a 10 percent donation from the sale of artwork during the show to help defray the costs of the exhibit.
5) Artwork must be in good taste with awareness that children are frequent visitors to the Library. The Trustees reserve the right to decide on the appropriateness of single pieces within a show or of the proposed show as a whole.
6) The Library does not have insurance to cover the loss or damage to artwork. Exhibitors will be asked to sign a release absolving the Library of responsibility for the artwork on exhibit.
7) An opening reception is the responsibility of the artist, to be scheduled in coordination with the Library Director. Receptions are alcohol-free.
8) The Library’s responsibilities are to make an announcement to be posted in the Library and to create a press release to be sent to the local papers. Artists may also wish to promote the exhibit themselves.

Date_________________ Signature of exhibitor______________________

Signature of trustee_____________________________________________

rev’d Feb. 2017